Canon Announces New APS-C DSLR - EOS 650D T4i

On Friday (06/08/2012), Canon USA announced the release of their upgraded entry level APS-C DSLR or XXXD line. The new T4i (650D) is a solid upgrade from its predecessor and takes many of its features from the XXD line of DSLRs. A few highlights from the new camera's specifications:

  • DIGIC 5 Processor
  • 5 FPS Continuous Burst
  • Variable Angle LCD
  • 9 Pt AF (from 60D)
  • Enhanced Movie Servo AF
  • Built-in stereo microphone, manual auto level adjustment
  • 3" Touch Screen LCD
  • In Camera HDR and other Creative Filters

Since the launch of the Digital Rebel series of DSLRs in 2003 with the EOS 300D, Canon has sold millions of cameras to amateurs and beginning photographers looking for great features at an affordable price. The T4i continues this tradition with large improvements in AF performance and video capabilities. The 650D borrows its new 9 point AF system from its bigger APS-C brother (EOS 60D) along with the bump in continuous burst shots up from 3.5 fps to 5 fps. The new DIGIC V processor is to thank for that improvement, which brings more features like in camera HDR and other creative filters. The T4i also sports the first touch screen LCD on an EOS DSLR camera. The touch screen could be used to change settings in the menu system and even choose focus in Live View mode.

Many content creators and amateur filmmakers have been using DSLRs for their principle photography. DSLR cameras provide additional functionality and customization that HD Camcorders do not at the same price point. Canon continues to show their dominance in the DSLR video niche with big upgrades to the Rebel line with features such as the new enhanced Movie Servo mode. Continuous AF in video mode has been a missing and demanded feature by consumers. And, if used with one of Canon's new STM lenses, the AF performance is smooth and silent.

Some other features of the new T4i are: lens correction tools, menu feature guide for beginning shooters, new GP-E2 (new Canon GPS Unit) compatibility, JPEG resizing, and image rating like the EOS 5D Mark III.

Overall, I'm impressed with the upgrades Canon made to the Rebel line. I think Canon knows this camera has a flourishing market and will sell very well. It's also interesting to see Canon's lineup taking a different shape in the APS-C format. These big upgrades to the XXXD line raise questions to the future of the XXD line and XD line of Canon crop-body cameras. Will the 70D be a super 650D? Will the 7D Mark II be killed off or go APS-H to fill the void left after the merging of the flagship 1D line? Only time will tell, and 2012 is shaping up to be a truly exciting year if you shoot Canon.

For more information about the EOS T4i and other Canon DSLRs, head over to

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